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D Libris; Latin, roughly translated to “the books of D”. Intellectus Speculativus; also Latin, very very roughly translates to “Speculative Ideas”, also D’s blog, largely for reviews.

D is a genderqueer Classics and Ancient History MLitt student at the University of Glasgow, and a Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comics geek. Their major academic interest is the reception of the Classical tradition in science fiction and fantasy. They read a lot. You’ll find their reviews, the occasional essay and even some guests writing here.


  1. kai in nyc says:

    Hi! You asked a question on twitter. (Sorry to leave the answer here, but wasn’t sure how else to contact you; please feel free to erase, as not being in the right spot). In answer to your question about the dialect in “Super Bass,” it’s an amalgamation of various African American dialects: present day and historical, urban and rural, monolingual and inflected by Caribbean Spanish and Patois/French. It was great fun to invent!

    • Here’s as good a place as any, what with my actual review not having gone up yet! Thank you; I thought I recognised bits of it from a couple different places! Fascinating to hear about the amalgamation that it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. […] Apex anti-dialect piece, using as it does dialect (albeit an amalgamation of various dialects, per here) to give a sense of setting and place, and to emphasise certain elements of the […]

  3. S. C. Flynn says:

    The classical tradition in SFF; interesting. Am following.

  4. Alex West says:

    I love the whole concept of this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Following.

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